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Flying fox thrill at Bukit Tinggi

Flying fox thrill at Bukit Tinggi

The Adventure Park at Colmar Tropicale has the longest flying fox line in Southeast Asia at 530 metres.

IF you are a thrill-seeker, make your way to the Adventure Park at Colmar Tropicale and try out their longest flying fox single zip-line in Southeast Asia.

With a length of 530 metres, the Adventure Park made an entry into the Malaysia Book of Records recently.

Malaysia Book of Records chief executive officer Aziz Hamdan presented the certificate to Berjaya Hills Bhd executive director Datuk Azlan Meah Ahmad Meah and the signing was witnessed by Colmar Tropicale chief executive officer Teh Ming Wah.

Teh said it took them six months of planning and another eight months to construct the contraption which cost a total of RM2 million.

"We want to attract more locals and international tourists by creating an unforgettable experience for them," she said adding that a special certification will be made available to them as proof of their participation.

The flying fox consists of four checkpoints and at each point, staff members are available for assistance.

Prior to the start of the event, each participant has to put on safety gear and follow the safety instructions strictly.

To get to the launch point, participants have to walk up the stairs built behind the rock climbing wall.

Once they reach the top platform, they have to go through two canopy walks, one person at a time.

The journey does not stop there as they the have to then climb a tree.

A deck is specially built around the middle of the tree and participants have the option of standing or sitting down.

Those who are not afraid of heights are welcome to stand and enjoy the beautiful scenery while those who are can opt to sit on the deck and not look down.

To participate an individual has to weigh at least, 45kg with a maximum weight of 120kg.

"If the riders weigh less than 45kg, they will have a difficult time reaching the other side," said Teh adding that more than 500 have tried it since it was first opened in 2011.

Aziz who tried this activity for the first time said although he was a bit nervous earlier he was excited about getting chance to experience this.

The fee for the flying fox is RM78 for each person and the park is open from 10am to 6pm.

Other activities such as paint ball, rock climbing, the canopy bridge walk and high rope obstacle course are also available.

The activities at the Adventure Park requires no electricity or motors.

Its design works to create a healthy, environmentally friendly, recreational venue.

Getting ready for take off on the flying fox.

~News courtesy of New Straits Times~

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